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„rufmi und buchmi“ – New Mobility Offers in Gratwein-Straßengel


September 2016

Since mid-September, the municipality of Gratwein-Straßengel now provides two new mobility offers for its citizens, the flexible communal bus „rufmi“and the e-car-sharing offer „buchmi“. rufmi, a flexible and demand-oriented bus service, covers routes throughout the whole municipal area of Gratwein-Straßengel, especially focusing on the rural areas. Additionally, as a result of the buchmi-project, two electrically-powered vehicles are now available for rental in Judendorf-Straßengel and Gratwein.

verkehrplus examined the feasibility of the two projects, supervised and guided the Marktgemeinde in the execution of its plans and was responsible of the acquisition of fundings.

Construction Supervision Weiz


August 2016

In the area of the B-Road B64 in Weiz seven traffic signal installations are in the course of being converted or newly built as part of the project “by pass Preding-Weiz Part 3a”. At the same time an automatic barrier system and a local switch will be established. verkehrplus will assume responsibility for the construction supervision of four traffic signal installations, the automatic barrier system and the local switch. In the course of this various aspects, e.g. the progress of work, will be continually supervised and documented.

Strong Push - Presentation of Strategy on Bicycle Traffic


July 2016

Cycling, especially in everyday life, is healthy, chic, affordable, in vogue and environmentally friendly. At the beginning of July, the new Strategy on Bicycle Traffic 2025 for the state of Styria was presented by the transportation secretary (germ. Landesrat) Anton Lang. According to the motto "Strong Push - The green jersey for Styria" (germ. "Starker Antritt - Das grüne Trikot für die Steiermark") the state of Styria now owns a modern strategy to promote and support bicycle traffic.

Demand Responsive Public Transport - Beginning of Strategy for the Federal State of Styria


June 2016

In the year of 2016 the state of Styria is developing a strategy to subsidize demand responsive public transport-systems in Styria as an addition to the existing public tram and bus lines. The Institute of Science, Technology and Society Studies of the Alpen-Adria University and verkehrplus are working on the contents of this strategy, in close ties with the commissioner. During the course of the inaugural event the seven regional managements of Styria, were integrated into the process of development of the strategy, as representatives of the municipalities and regions. The event took place in the burgh of Trofaiach in May 2016, as it presented the Good-Practice example of the gMeinBus Trofaiach.

Cost-Efficiency Analysis - Fehring


May 2016

In the course of the closure of railway crossings in the area of Fehring, the transfer of a part of the road L207, which lies between the B57 and the junction of the L222 is in planning. verkehrplus held an examination with which it rated two different variants according to a cost-efficiency analysis. Other disciplines helped to take different factors (noise, pollutants, flood protection, transport policy goals, transport effectiveness, traffic flow) into account. In addition to that, investment and maintenance costs were assessed. The result is a comparison of the benefits and costs of both variants with a recommendation for one of the two.

„Mobile creative“ – School-Mobility-Management with the students of VS Gabelsberger


May 2016

As part of the programme of action “School-Mobility-Management”, coordinated by the city of Graz, verkehrplus initiated, amongst other schemes, the project “mobile creative” in the primary school Gabelsberger. During the course of two days the students were creatively introduced to the subject of mobility. The pupils were made familiar with means of transport, discussed their ways to/from school, crafted a cargo bike out of cardboard and sang songs. In the end, the students were given a folder with a collection of their own imaginative creations. You can find further pictures on the school’s homepage.

Workshop Strategy on Bicycle Traffic


April 2016

The Styrian strategy on bicycle traffic is in the process of being updated, with the help of verkehrplus. To achieve this, four Styrian pilot regions, among others, were chosen. Extensive concepts on bicycle traffics were developed in said regions, relying on a cooperative process. The findings of these planning processes will be included in the future strategy on bicycle traffic. A workshop conducted during April 2016 with 30 specialists from a wide spectrum of fields linked to bicycle traffic aimed to further pinpoint the collected contents. The new strategy on bicycle traffic will be published during the summer of 2016.

Karlovac Traffic Countings


April 2016

In the course of the project “Study Transport Development Karlovac County” verkehrplus/prometplus directed extensive traffic studies in Karlovac County. In total, data was collected at 26 intersections, ten cross-sections (manually and with the help of a lateral radar device) and also relied on 14 sector surveys. Additionally, over 600 citizens took part in an extensive online-home survey. The results deliver precious starting points for further development of the traffic system in Karlovac County, as well as vital information for the creation of a traffic model for the County.

verkehrplus 2.0


March 2016

“Everyone is responsible for the entire team” – this principle marks an outstanding team – just like the team verkehrplus 2.0, which has “reinvented” itself after ten years of existence. We have optimised our array of services appropriately, with special regard to municipalities and regions, to further establish bicycle transport and future-compliant accessibility. This has earned us great approval from our customers. Naturally, verkehrplus will continue to provide high-quality planning services concerning mobility research, traffic-planning and -technology. Our special competences lie in the field of intermodal traffic modelling and in simulating complex traffic processes. verkehrplus will follow the plan to develop creative ideas and extensive, bespoke services for public and private institutions more than ever. This is how one drives mobility – on that note we, as a team, look forward to further mutual cooperation.

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Graz Smart City – District of Waagner Biro Straße


February 2016

Over the course of more than two years, verkehrplus accompanied the research- and development project “Smart City – Graz Mitte” in the work package 5a – mobility. In April 2012, the area around the Helmut List Halle was recommended – as only Austrian project - for promotion as a flagship project by an international jury. The handling of the mobility field was done in close coordination with the team of the work package 5 (mobility), the department of urban development and the participating technical departments of Graz. The targeted result was an integrated, sustainable and eco-friendly concept of strategy and measures. This concept should correspond to the requests of the funding authorities and be easily realised during the demo project and the further development of the planning area.